Pick One: Conditioned or Cherry! The 4 reasons you need to show up and hustle today.

That’s right.  This one is addressed to the cherry pickers and the folks who tell themselves that their muscle name is too sore to get into the gym and do movement name.

You know you’ve done it.  At the very least, you probably have shown up at least once and whined to the coach that you just did movement yesterday.  Can you imagine, if you showed up to swim practice in high school and whined, “…but coach, we swam yesterday!”

  1. First, it’s an insult to your programming.  Typically, a gym owner/coach has taken significant time to think through the stimulus and results of the program they create over days, weeks, and months.  If they aren’t doing this, change gyms!  Random is neat, but it’s not programming.
  2. Second, one of your fitness goals should be to improve your conditioning.
    1. What does “conditioning” mean??  Something you do to your hair?  Anyone know Pavlov?
    2. Also called classical conditioning, Pavlovian conditioning,respondent conditioning. a process in which a stimulus that was previously neutral, as the sound of a bell, comes to evoke a particular response, as salivation, by being repeatedly paired with another stimulus that normally evokes the response, as the taste of food.

WAIT!  WHAT?!?!?!?  Pavel’s the guy with the kettlebells, right?

No, seriously.  You’re trying to evoke a particular response from your body, the response of, “It’s all good, bro-dog. You may continue.” by repeatedly pairing the stimulus of working your ass off with not stopping!

3.  So, bro-dog, not only do you have to keep working/not stop during a workout.

4.  You also want to condition your body to recover from that work!!

louie-simmons2Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell (pictured left) makes sure that his athletes pull sleds, do hundreds of reps, and stay conditioned at all times… and they’re powerlifters (champion, record-setting powerlifters)!  They pick things up and put them down.  Why keep them so conditioned?

Per Louie, they can’t train if they don’t recover fast enough and they don’t recover fast enough if they’re not conditioned to the training.  His athletes are in good enough shape to outwork other power lifters.  They can train harder and more often.

So the next time you’re sore and you’re not sure if you should bother showing up, ask yourself:

Am I conditioned enough to recover??  Am I recovering well enough to condition??  (that brings me to my next topic)

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