Who is this Brett guy?

Welcome to Waza Fitness.  My name is Brett Andrus and I have been an avid CrossFitter since June of 2007 and a CrossFit trainer since September of 2007.  I did not start as a marvelous athlete.  In fact, some of my first CrossFit workouts included a DNF on a 10km run and the same result on a scaled version of “Elizabeth“, a 12 minute plus “Fran” with a 75 pound barbell and a band for pull-ups, and hurting my back on my first “CFT” deadlift attempt to lift 300 pounds, which made for an interesting 4th of July.  Since that inauspicious start, I have worked my way to a sub 4 minute (and improving) “Fran”

 (over a year ago in this video), a 435 pound deadlift (without hurting my back), a 300 pound squat clean & jerk, a 245 pound snatch

, a 385 pound back squat, muscle-ups without a false grip, strict muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, triple unders, box jumps to heights I thought I wouldn’t attain and more

I have, with a lot of work in the gym and in my garage or backyard, some dietary discipline, attendance at certifications like my Level 1 at GSX in January of 2008, and passing my Level 2 in June of 2009, K-Star’s Mobility Cert, Rippetoe’s Starting Strength Coaches’ Cert, and The Coaches’ Prep, reading and info gathering from both books and online, and eight plus years of coaching managed to learn a thing or 2 about how to build better athletes, some mistakes that can be avoided, some tips that can help, where to look for information on different topics, and what to do when the stuff hits the fan (injuries, plateaus, gaps in training, etc).

With this website, I’m hoping to share some of that experience, some of that knowledge, some of the better (and more entertaining) sources, and help you on your way to becoming a better athlete.  So, here’s hoping that I can give something back to a great community and help others learn and grow.

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